Red Feather to host the N. American Youth Cup 2019


After the intended organizers of this years Youth Cup decided they regretfully needed to step down, Red Feather decided to offer itself as the hosts and organizers of the 2019 N. American Youth Cup. We look forward to hosting this group of promising young riders July 14th-21st for a week of bonding, learning and team driven competition.

Do you have a student or child between the ages of 12 and 17 that is interested in attending? The application materials can be found on our website here.

This event is only possible due to your generous support and donations. If you would like to make a donation to help make this event possible please click here.

Our Full Time Trainer and Instructor Has Arrived


Caeli Cavanagh, having just completed her BSci degree in Riding and Riding Instruction at Holar University College is now proud to call Red Feather Icelandics home. Caeli will be offering training and lessons and will be building up a riding school on our premises. Alongside being a certified FT trainer and a FEIF Trainer Level Three, Caeli is also a liberty trainer who has received recognition for her work both in the US and abroad. We are looking forward to seeing the direction this new partnership will take Red Feather Icelandics!