Our breeding program focuses on the three Ts: Temperament, Talent and Tölt! Our stallions and mares are carefully selected to produce safe, beautiful, and talented horses that can show off on the competition track or the trail. We not only look at each horses talents in our selection of good breeding horses but also attempt to look back many generations to ensure that our foals come from generations of beautiful horses that are willing partners in all that we do.

We typically have one or two foals a year and many of our horses are from our breeding program which mean we have known them from the moment they opened their eyes. We raise all of our horses in outdoor groups until the age of three so they have time to develop mentally and physically before they begin their partnership with us. 

Our stallions are top notch and each hold a national record. Þröstur frá Hvammi is the highest evaluated stallion in the United States, while Hjörtur frá Hóltsmula has the highest riding evaluation score in the country.