Saturday, April 27th - Sunday, April 28th


This clinic will explore how to use dressage exercises to correct our horses' physical imbalances. We will seek to learn to use dressage movements to increase balance, develop lightness and keep our horses moving healthily for years to come. The clinic will include twice daily private lessons, lectures and demonstrations and will put emphasis on the use of dressage to improve our horses longevity, health and wellbeing. Learn how to become your horse's personal physical therapist! The clinician will be our own Caeli Cavanagh (FT Association member, FEIF Trainer Level 3). Space is limited. Horse rental available, first come first serve.

Cost: $375/person (deposit $100)

Auditing cost: $50/day

We offer a variety of clinics throughout the year in order to keep us all fresh educated and energized. Our clinicians are all top experts from across the country and around the world. These two and three day intensive training sessions are a great way to work on both horse and rider, learn something new, deepen our understanding and develop a bond with our horses. Have a look at our upcoming events to see what clinics are currently in store! 

In addition, our very own Caeli Cavanagh travels around the country teaching and training. Her focus is on helping riders to achieve their dreams in mental and physical balance. The focus of the clinic however is entirely the choice of the hosting farm. Do your riders want a fun introduction to Liberty Work? An intensive Seat Clinic? A Knapamerki (Icelandic Riding Badge) focused intensive weekend with testing? A dressage focused gait training workshop? Or maybe you want something completely different! Caeli would love to work with you to suit your riding group's educational needs and interest.