Andvari from Red Feather (US2015105079)

BLUP: 98

M:Flikka from Extreme Farms (BLUP: 93)

F: Funi from Red Feather (BLUP: 103)

Andvari from Red Feather is a sweet pinto gelding. His life as a riding partner has just begun as he is newly started under saddle, however he is already making some great strides. Andvari's father, Funi, is a son of Frami frá Ragnheiðarstöðum, a beautiful first prize stallion with 10 for legs, 9 for proportions and pace and a score of 8,38 for rideability. We are excited to see how this young horse will develop over time!


Fáni from Red Feather (US2014104952)

BLUP: 100

M: Nótt from Flying C (C: 7,71, R: 7,53, T:7,71)

F: Funi from Red Feather (BLUP: 103)

Fáni from Red Feather is a pretty gelding with a soft top line and a willing temperament. He has been well-started but is still finding his balance under saddle and we are looking forward to seeing how he will develop with increased muscling and balance. Fánis father, Funi, is a son of Frami frá Ragnheiðarstöðum, a beautiful first prize stallion with 10 for legs, 9 for proportions and pace and a score of 8,38 for rideability. His mother, the late and dear Nótt, has produced several Red Feather horses who share a soft topline and cooperative temperament.


Glæsir from Rocking R (US2000102533)

BLUP: 93

M: Dögg frá Akureyri (C: 7,55, R: 7,46, T: 7,5)

F: Máni frá Raufarfelli (C: 8,25, R: 7,89, T: 8,07)

Glæsir is a well-trained gelding who loves to please! He is the perfect teacher in our lesson program and is so much fun. Glæsir takes wonderful direction from light seat aids, making him the ultimate instructor for beginning students who learn to ride softly from the start, as well as our more advanced students who wish to refine their weight aids. We have so much fun on Glæsir and our students do too! 


Tígulás from Silvercreek Icelandics (US2014104939)

BLUP: 89

M: Prinsessa from Extreme Farms (BLUP: 88)

F: Láni from Álfasaga (BLUP: 89)

Tígulás is a young gelding who has received a very good start to his training. He has four well-separated gaits and his color and size make him a real show stopper! His calm and cooperative demeanor also makes him a prime candidate as a new school horse in our Riding School program. We are excited to see how he progresses as his muscles and balance continue to develop!



Örn frá Tjarnastöðum (IS2012282898)

BLUP: 121

M:Ugla frá Stóru-Hildisey (C: 8,16, R: 7,98, T: 8,05)

F: Spuni frá Vesturkoti (C: 8,43, R: 9,25, T:8,92)

Örn frá Tjarnastöðum is a well trained, brave horse with five quality gaits and a potential future as a competition partner. Örn is out of two first prize parents. His mother, Ugla, received an 8,5 for spirit as well as for neck, withers shoulders, and for proportions. She herself is from the Honor Prize stallion Gári frá Auðholtshjáleigu who is known for giving talented, long legged, and beautiful offspring. His father, Spuni has over 9 for rideability and held a longstanding record for the highest evaluated Icelandic Horse in the world. Spuni is also an Honor Prize stallion who is known for producing horses with strong toplines, lots of quality tölt with a high speed capacity. Though it pains us to do so due to his high BLUP score (the highest in the country) and beautiful conformation, we have decided to geld him this fall so that we can place him in a herd situation, which we feel will make his days brighter and more fun-filled.