Aska from Red Feather (US2015205074)


M: Yrsa frá Tofastöðum (C: 8,27, R: 7,91, T:8,05)

F: Élfaxi frá Oddholi (BLUP: 105)

Aska is a sweet mare who has just begun her journey in her training. Her mother was the late and very dear first prize mare Yrsa frá Tofastöðum, who has many offspring here at Red Feather. Yrsa was evaluated with good results, receiving 9 for proportions and 8,5 for general impression. Yrsas offspring have all inherited her elegant conformation. We look forward to seeing how Aska will progress as her training continues. 


Elska from Rock Ranch (US2003202833)

BLUP: 109

M: Yrsa frá Tofastöðum (C: 8,27, R: 7,91, T:8,05)

F: Adam frá Ásmundarstöðum (C: 8,17, R: 8,49, T: 8,36)

Elska is a beautiful, supple and well trained mare. Her mother was the late and very dear first prize mare Yrsa frá Tofastöðum, who has many offspring here at Red Feather. Elskas father is the amazing Honor Prize stallion Adam frá Ásmundarstöðum who himself received 9 for pace and 8,5 for gallop, spirit and general impression. His offspring tend to inherit his long elegant legs, correct tolt with lots of speed. They have lots of leg action and carry themselves well. Elska is currently pregnant with Þröstur frá Hvammi, a foal that we anxiously await in 2019.


Drottning frá Oddstöðum I (IS1993235714)

Evaluation: Conformation: 7,95, Rideability :7,63, Total: 7,79

M: Gjósta frá Oddstöðum (C: 7,78, R: 7,43, T:7,60)

F: Víðar frá Viðvík (C: 7,99, R: 8,63, T: 8,31)

Drottning is truly the queen of the farm. Her confident nature and been there done that attitude makes her a valuable member of our riding school. In her younger days her fast tolt, beautiful color and can do attitude made her quite a show stopper. Though now her showing days are behind her she is still first in our hearts and worth her weight in gold. 


Kólfreyja frá Auðholtshjáleigu (IS2008287053)

Evaluation: Conformation: 8,33, Rideability: 7,90, Total: 8,07

M: Framtíð frá Auðholtshjáleigu (C: 8,31, R: 7,91, T: 8,07)

F: Gaumur frá Auðholtshjáleigu (C: 8,13, R:9,05, T:8,69)

The impressiveness of Kólfreyja herself under saddle is only matched by her amazing bloodlines. Kólfreyja received 9s for both tölt and spirit, and 8,5 for back, withers and proportions. She has amazing speed and movements in tolt and high action in gallop. Her parents are both first prize and her father, Gaumur, received not only over 9 for rideability (an amazing feat in itself) but he also received Honor Prize for his exceptional offspring. Kólfreyja is the mother to our young horse Alfa Dís and is currently pregnant with our own Þröstur frá Hvammi. We await this foal excitedly in 2019!



Stássa from Red Feather (US2011204551)

BLUP: 101

M: Svartbakur frá Hólum (BLUP: 105)

F: Nótt from Flying C (C: 7,98, R: 7,53, T: 7,71)

Stássa from Red Feather is a talented mare who is light in the bridle with five quality gaits and lots of heart. This mare is always ready to give you her 110%. Her happy attitude, quality gaits and nice carriage make her a farm favorite. Her mother, the late and dear Nótt, has produced several Red Feather horses who share a soft topline and cooperative temperament. Stássa's father is a son of the famous Honor Prize stallion Hrafn frá Holtsmúla, who is known for producing offspring correct gaits with lots of speed and leg action. We think that Stássa has a promising future as a competition or breeding horse and cannot wait to see how she continues to develop.