Our riding school offers regular private, group and theory lessons for all ages and experience levels. Whether you are just starting out, are an experienced rider bitten by the Icelandic bug or have competition dreams, we want to provide you with the education to meet your goals and needs. Our school horses have been selected and trained for their temperament and gaits such that our students have a fun and safe experience. We believe that by teaching our students correctly from the beginning we can create well rounded, independent and horse welfare oriented riders who can achieve their goals with the Icelandic Horse. 

Our riding school is built upon the Knapamerki (Icelandic Riding Badge) program. This program was developed by Holar University in Iceland in order to build and develop both the theoretical and practical knowledge of Icelandic Horse riders. The program intends to support the increased interest in Iceland Horse riding by increasing access to organized, systematic and detailed teaching based upon classical principles. The goal is to produce knowledgable horse people, whether their goal is recreational or competitive and support the growth of horse friendly classical riding principles in Icelandic riding.

The program is split into five levels each containing both a theoretical and practical component and spans from beginning principles to advanced training. Books, newly translated into English, are available at each level to educate the rider on the corresponding theoretical knowledge. Each level has both a ridden and theretical exam, giving participants both a goal to work towards as well as a detailed evaluation of their progress. Riders who pass the fifth level in the system are considered to be ready for advanced training opportunities such as professional work and college level equine studies at Holar University.

Not all students at the riding school are required to participate in the program or take any exams, however group lessons are leveled to Knapamerki groups in order to ensure that group lessons contain riders of similar skill levels. 


Private Lesson: $50/lesson

Group Lesson: $35/person/lesson*

*Group rates only applicable with two or more riders, maximum six riders per lesson group