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Þröstur frá Hvammi

Þröstur is the highest evaluated Stallion in the United States and canada. He boasts scores of 9 for tölt, trot , walk, neck and withers, mane and tail and hooves. With his flashy gaits, beautiful conformation and wonderful temperament, Þröstur is really the whole package. 

Hjörtur Frá Hóltsmúla 1

Hjörtur has the honor of having the highest rideability score (8,82)  in the united states including 9s for both trot and tolt. He received 9,5 for spirit, a testament to his willing character. 

The Stud fee for each stallion is $1250. Live foal guarantee ($250 is non-refundable).

Mare Care is $15 per day

Lower rates are available for first prize mares and for bulk purchases of breedings with multiple mares!
All breedings are non-transferrable and must be used within 2 years of purchase.