At Red Feather Icelandics we seek to utilize a variety of methods to bring your horse into mental and physical balance in order to attain their peak performance in your chosen goal. Whether that goal is a top competition horse or a perfect trail blazing partner we know that systematic and biomechanically correct training helps our horses to be willing partners and keeps both horse and rider safe and healthy.

Our training system is based upon a mix of classical dressage as well as traditional Icelandic methods, combining arena work for suppling and collection with work on the trails in order to build confidence and conditioning as well as to safeguard their natural spirit. We believe as well that taking the time to build a solid foundation is especially key in setting a horse up for a positive fulfilling career. In that vein our young horses not only learn their riding ABCs, but also learn a variety of ground work in order to build the foundation for a positive working relationship and gain confidence in a variety of situations.   

Our head trainer Caeli Cavanagh is a graduate of Holar University's Bachelor of Science in Riding and Riding Instruction, thus making her a certified FT trainer in the Icelandic system as well as a FEIF Trainer Level 3 in the international system. Her focus on using diverse methods in order to train the horses in both body and mind has earned her attention both in the United States, as well as abroad. Most recently she was invited by Horses of Iceland and FT to demonstrate Liberty Work at Landsmot in Reykjavik 2018 where she was also featured on several Icelandic news programs.

The monthly training fee is $950 including board and two private lessons on your horse per month.